Kettle Spares

Keep your kettle in top working condition with our selection of kettle spares. We offer a wide range of genuine replacement filters and anti-scale filters for various kettle brands such as Russell Hobbs, Tefal, and Morphy Richards.

Our RUSSELL HOBBS KETTLE FILTER line includes models 186970, 207070, 108975, 123070, 261170, 108280, 14440, 14766, 14439, 14493, 18579, and more. These filters are designed to ensure your kettle water stays clean and free of impurities.

For Tefal kettle owners, we offer the GENUINE TEFAL KETTLE FILTER MS-621386, known for its high-quality performance and durability.

In addition, we carry a variety of genuine RUSSELL HOBBS KETTLE ANTI SCALE FILTERS, including models 700459, 259070, 260070, 700024, 700053, and 700111. These filters help prevent limescale buildup in your kettle, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining optimal performance.

If you own a MORPHY RICHARDS kettle, we also have the GENUINE MORPHY RICHARDS KETTLE SPOUT FILTER 02048 to keep your kettle spout clean and clear of debris.

Don't let a faulty filter or limescale buildup affect the taste of your hot beverages. Browse our range of kettle spares to find the right replacement part for your kettle model. Keep your kettle running smoothly for years to come with our high-quality spares.
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