Microwave Turntables are an essential component of any microwave oven, providing a rotating platform for even heating and cooking of food. This category offers a variety of replacement turntable plates that are compatible with a wide range of microwave brands and models.

Whether you are looking for a genuine replacement plate from a specific brand like Whirlpool or Samsung, or a universal glass plate that fits multiple microwave ovens, this category has you covered. With options ranging from 245mm to 360mm in diameter, you can find the perfect size turntable plate for your microwave oven.

These turntable plates are designed to be durable and heat-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance in your microwave oven. They are easy to install and maintain, making them a convenient solution for replacing a worn-out or broken turntable plate.

In addition to providing a smooth surface for heating and cooking food, these turntable plates also help prevent hot spots and ensure even distribution of heat throughout the microwave oven. This can result in more consistent and efficient cooking results, saving you time and energy.

Upgrade your microwave oven with a high-quality turntable plate from this category, and enjoy evenly cooked meals every time. Shop now and find the perfect replacement turntable plate for your microwave oven.
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