The Hose category offers a wide range of products designed to meet various plumbing and appliance needs. From fill hoses for washing machines and dishwashers to drain waste hoses and extension kits, this category has everything you need to ensure your appliances are functioning properly.

Whether you are looking for a cold fill hose, hot fill hose, or extension hose, you can find the perfect solution in this category. The Universal 2.5m Fill Hose Cold and Hot options offer flexibility in installation and are compatible with a wide range of appliances. The 1.5m Cold Fill Hose is perfect for smaller spaces, while the Y Inlet Fill Hose allows you to connect multiple appliances to one water source.

If you are in need of a drain waste hose or extension kit, look no further than the Washing Machine Dishwasher Drain Waste Hose Extension Kits available in various lengths. The Universal Washing Machine Dishwasher Drain Waste Hose Extension Pipe Kit and the Universal Washing Machine Dishwasher 5m Drain Hose offer durability and reliability when it comes to draining water from your appliances.

Overall, the Hose category provides high-quality products that are essential for the proper functioning of your household appliances. With a diverse selection of hoses and extension kits, you can easily find the perfect solution for your plumbing needs.

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