Hoses are an essential component for vacuum cleaners, allowing for the suction power to reach its full potential. Whether you are looking for a genuine replacement hose from top brands like Dyson, Numatic, Miele, Vax, Karcher, or Rowenta, or a compatible option that fits various vacuum cleaner models, this category has a wide range of options to choose from.

From internal hoses to extension hoses, steel end hose assemblies to 4-pin hoses, this category offers a variety of hose types to suit your specific vacuum cleaner model and needs. Whether you need a replacement hose for your Dyson DC40, DC41, DC25, or DC15, or a compatible option for your Numatic, Vax, Karcher, Miele, or Rowenta vacuum cleaner, you can find it here.

With Vacuum Cleaner Hoses lengths ranging from 1.8m to 4m, you can find the perfect size to ensure that you can easily reach all corners of your home for a thorough cleaning. Whether you prefer a genuine replacement hose for the highest quality and compatibility, or a compatible option that offers a cost-effective solution, this category has something for everyone.

Keep your vacuum cleaner operating at its best by replacing worn or damaged hoses with high-quality options from this comprehensive category. Browse through the selection to find the perfect hose for your vacuum cleaner and enjoy efficient cleaning performance for years to come.
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