When it comes to the world of cables, there is a vast array of options to choose from to suit all your electronic needs. Whether you are in need of a replacement cable for your vacuum cleaner or looking for a swivel clip to keep your cords organized, this category has you covered.

One popular product in this category is the COMPATIBLE NUMATIC HENRY HETTY REWIND SPRING CONTACT KIT, which is perfect for those who need a reliable cable for their Numatic vacuum cleaner. For Dyson vacuum owners, the COMPATIBLE DYSON 10M VACUUM CLEANER CABLE is a great option that offers both quality and compatibility.

If you are in need of a longer cable with a UK plug, the UNIVERSAL 15M CABLE & 13A UK PLUG ANGLED 2 CORE 10A FITTING is a versatile choice that can be used for a variety of electronic devices. On the other hand, the UNIVERSAL 12M UK 13A PLUG VACUUM CLEANER MAINS CORD is perfect for those who need a reliable power source for their vacuum cleaner.

For those looking to keep their cords organized, the CABLE SWIVEL CLIP - CORD WINDER FOR DYSON DC15 DC24 DC25 DC25 DC27 DC28 DC33 is a convenient accessory that can help eliminate tangled cords and keep your space looking tidy. Additionally, the GENUINE NUMATIC REWIND SPRING HEAD CONTACT KIT 220988 is a must-have for Numatic vacuum owners looking to maintain the performance of their appliance.

No matter what your needs are, this category offers a wide selection of cables to help you stay connected and organized in your electronic devices.
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